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Little by little, digital and virtual spaces have extended to all areas of our existence, including the area that questions, criticizes and reveals reality and contemporary issues in a different way: the area of art. The latter has known over the last few decades a progressive dematerialization which has given birth to digital art. A process that does not mean abandoning the place, the space, the material or the volume. 

By digital art, we mean art making room for the screen, supported by a set of means of creation and dissemination that allow this art to unfold in a new form and allow artists to create and secure their works. , an economic revolution.

Artists, through blockchain technology, make their art a file, controllable at each stage of the production-circulation chain, whose copying and distribution could be controlled. Crypto-art offers artists avenues for empowerment and disintermediation, both technical and philosophical. 

To be seen, experienced and shared, crypto-art, like any other art, will have its mediums, human and physical. This is how the need to reach the public through museums, events and conferences arises.

The ambition of this project would be to ensure that the general public discovers and seizes this new evolution of artistic practice. The masterpieces of today and tomorrow are created on computers and viewed on screens. Therefore, it is essential to support the emergence of future French talent so that Paris is a city at the forefront of this “artistic” technology.

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