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Scientific Council

Council members


Sydney Chiche-Attali, Matthieu Quiniou (UNESCO)

The Piece Of agency aims to accompany artists, galleries, museums and other institutions in their NFT and Web 3 projects on a legal, technical and strategic level.
It aims to enable these actors to achieve high quality, secure and sustainable NFT and Web 3 projects.



Jean-Nicolas Hinard, Sophie Merdrignac

A studio specializing in NFT projects that brings together expertise in five key areas, to guide you through this incredible decentralized world: Strategic Consulting, Technical Development, Graphics & Design, Marketing & Content, Growth Acquisition.
Wagmi Studio was builded with the idea that anyone can become a part of this amazing ecosystem.
Screenshot develops products that connect web 3 users and help them access, manage and explore the usefulness of NFTs. With strong symbolism, stunning design, and addictive gameplay, Screenshot delivers significant value to users and the NFT ecosystem.


Margaux Bassoli, Julien Bross

Metara is a new NFT marketplace.
A world where creators can use the Tezos blockchain to enhance their expression online. Buy and sell NFT from the world's best artists.


Stéphane Schweitzer

Atlanticus Music is a unique place to buy exclusive and unreleased music. Each Atlanticus Music NFT card is edited in a limited number of copies, and impossible to reproduce. They have 3 levels of rarity: Rare, Super Rare and Unique. Their value varies over time according to supply and demand. The NFT cards acquired belong to you 100%, you can keep them or resell them at any time to the community.


Marine Coloos, Melody Shahrvari

Auditory meditation for the artistic ear, art cast is the podcast that explores creation contemporary. Visual arts, architecture, video games, performing arts, digital... All the 15 days, find the impulse of inspiration with the stories of the artists that ArtCast has met for you.


Christophe Debonneuil, Julien Béranger

Āto provide an easily embeddable API that allows artists, galleries and brands to embed custom IP licenses that will always follow the NFTs.
Acquirers are informed of their rights and sellers are protected from contract termination.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-13 à 16.39.19.png

Benoit Couty, 

The Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) is an independent museum established since 2018 in the
Metaverse and dedicated to Cryptoart. The MoCA collection gathers around 200 artworks
from 80 artists representative of the different cryptographic themes and aesthetics.




Producer and composer Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, creates deep, stripped-down, moving melodies. In addition to his work as a producer, Agoria has built a reputation as an eclectic curator, compiling four mix CDs that demonstrate his unique ability to combine tracks from very different backgrounds and layer them in creative, sometimes even surprising ways.Experimenting with contemporary art, Agoria has delved into the world of AI and space age technology.


Eugène Bastellica, Camal Denoite, Enzo Bulzamini, Medina Chebel, Laurie Dentz

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